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Excel 2008 Beijing Olympics Schedule, Planner and Countdown

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070815BeijingOlympicsSchedule - Google Docs & Spreadsheets
- August 16, 2007 -

Excel World Clock

World Clock for Beijing China in Excel
- January 30, 2007 -

beijing - Google Maps
- September 30, 2006 -

One of the most amazing sports events of the world is the Olympic Games.
Its past, present plus the next 2 venues - Beijing, 2008 and London, 2012 - will be listed in
chlonological order in the spreadsheet.

  Beijing Olympics Schedule and The Olympics Term Planner
The spreadsheet will introduce the schedule for Beijing Aug. 8-24 2008, 
to be announced by the Olympics Committee on its website.

The spreadsheets show the calendar of the games with the date, time and venue,
and use filter for quick sorting of the events by sports, including soccer, and venues.

Countdown to the Beijing Olympic Games - Click "Events I"

Countdown to the London Olympic Games - Click "Events II"


- May 12, 2002 -

Beijing begins Olympic countdown - CNN.com

Home - NBCSports.com  - with Video and countdown

YouTube - Olympic Torch arrives in San Francisco -- 4/8/08

YouTube - Beijing 2008 National Aquatic Center (water cube) opens -- 1/28/08

The list of the countries annoucing candidacy for the 2016 Olympics is already very long.
Among them, the countires not known to have hosted the Games are India, Brazil and South Africa.


But the list will grow longer until "the deadline for bids on March 31, 2007".
"The host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics will be announced in Copenhagen in 2009,"
says Wikipedia.

Japan's Olympics Committee, JOC, yesterday voted to nominate Tokyo as the site
to bid for the 2016 Olympics, after keen competition for candidacy between Tokyo
and Fukuoka.

- August 31, 2006 -



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