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   Excel can be used just not for calendars or planners.  It also comes into play   
when used as math tools.  It would prove more useful when combined with
google calculator, showing how the trigonometric function is used to make
calculation with various degrees on triangles and polygons
that carry vectors.

YouTube - Vectors

What's New

     Try exploring Vector in Heptagon with Excel
- November 26, 2006 -

     Vector in Octagon
- November 23, 2006 -

     Vector in Pentagon
- November 25, 2006 -

     Vector in Hexagon
- November 26, 2006 -

   Excel Trigonometry
- September 2, 2006 -

Excel Tutorial on Trigonometry 06/09/02
Trigonometric function - Wikipedia
Trigonometry of right triangles
Google & Excel

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