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AOL shutdown of FTP services on 31/10/2008
E-mail received from AOL on the 30th of September, 2008.

"Subject: AOL Hometown/FTP is closing 31st October 2008
Date: 30/09/2008 9:51:44pm GMT Daylight Time
From: AOLMemberInfo
To: All AOL members

Dear AOL Hometown/FTP user,

We regret to inform you that AOL Hometown/FTP is shutting down on 31 October 2008. After this date your content will no longer be available and will be deleted.

In order to save your valuable data we suggest you save your AOL Hometown/FTP content as soon as possible and we have provided a webpage with detailed instructions on how to do this. Please click here or go to this URL to receive more information on how to save your content.


The AOL Team"

Courtesy of Mark Agius, UK

Like Mark, I had been unable to update my web sites, "Ken's Tips on Utsunomiya" and
"Welcome to Ken Matsuoka's Home Okinawa", both formerly on AOL's FTP.

In fact, due to their or, specifically, eAccess's incompetence at supporting customers, I have had the inconvenience of having my access severed to their launching screen and FTP through my account for a couple of years prior to their announcement of shutting down FTP. And now, I am forced to make my home pages nonexistent.

It's a shame and I doubt the sincerity of AOL. AOL now fails to live up to the founder's concept of the net service, "Could your mother use it?".
Liar, America Onliar.

AOL Help: "AOL® Hometown No Longer Available"

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