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  since August 4, 2001

Excel Lookup Monthly Birthday Calendar

- June 20, 2000 -
Excel lookup function is used to show the anniversary and holiday listed on
the Annual Table, daily schedule of the week listed on the Weekly Table, 
and birthday listed on the Birthday Table, all onto the corresponding columns 
of the monthly calendar (view as the figure above).

Excel Lookup Monthly Birthday Calendar for Centenarians

Who is the oldest man in the world?  Nikkei reported on Feb. 3 that Guinness Book
annouced in January, "Yukichi Cyuganji, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan, 
born on March 23, 1889, now age 112, is the oldest man in the world."  
He will turn 113 next month.

Age calculation for centenarians, what Excel does not support in simply
subtracting the birthdate before 1900/1/1  from today, is shown on
 the AgeCountCentenarian sheet. 

- February 4, 2002 - 


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- June 3, 2000 -
Staring at the calendar can be boring, unless it is one's only pastime.
I have figured out how Excel can be used to have my weekly schedule,
-- routine, that is, shown on the monthly calendar so as to avoid the hassle
of daily entry.  The look-up function is used to show the weekly events recorded
on "Weekly Table" onto the monthly sheet.

Ixquick Metasearch


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