September 3, 2001

      When you are hitting the road and experience a problem with your car causing stall,
      you are lucky if there is a garage nearby or at least passersby willing to offer assistance.
      Otherwise there is a car mounted ranger going on standby to rush to rescue.

      The Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) offers a wide range of services.

       But the essential service to the drivers is road service.  When you are in trouble on the
      road or highway, dial 028-659-3311 for Tochigi, 048-651-0111 for Saitama, or #8139 
シャープハイサンキュー)for the nearest service base nationwide, but only good for
      push phone.

      Although such service is available to nonmembership, JAF offers discounts to members;
      rescue fee (normally around 5,000 yen on the public road and 7,000 yen plus 4,000 yen
      for nighttime service on the highway, charged to nonmembership) is free of charge to

      The annual membership price is 4,000 yen, for a family member 2,000 yen additionally,
      plus initial membership registration charges of 2,000 yen.  They send monthly news letter,
      JAF MATE, to the members.

      In addition, JAF offers discounts on rent a car, hotels, ferries, amusement parks
      (advanced ticket is required for Nikko Edo Mura (Metropolis - Japan travel: Nikko Edo Mura)
      and Tobu World Square ( Tobu World Square - Miniature Village of World Heritage Sites)).

      Those discount rates are 10% on average.  For those entering a motor sport events, JAF issues
      an essential license.

    - Ken Matsuoka

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