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June 23, 2001
July 2000

Kanto Bus Co.,Ltd. offers a parking service combined with limousine operation, Marronnier Bus (マロニエ バス), to and from Narita Airport.
The bus service is named after the symbol tree of Tochigi, "tochi-no-ki",
or horse chestnut trees.

The parking lot, located on the large bus terminal, near the Yanagida Bridge (when driving to Motegi or Honda ("HGT"), in the direction of east, or 3 o'clock, relative to Utsunomiya Station, it is seen on your lefthand side, after the 2-gas station intersection and before the bridge) accommodates 150 cars for those taking the Marronnier Bus to Narita Airport from the bus stop, just beside the parking lot.

The bus then goes to Chisan Hotel, opposite the West Gate of Utsunomiya Station, before continuing to the airport.

Kanto Bus requires advance payment (no earlier than a week and no later than a day before the departure date) of 200 yen multiplied by the number of days up to the returning date. They issue a parking pass, showing the period of parking in exchange for payment. While your car is being parked, the pass must be placed on the dashboard so as to make the marked parking period visible through the window glass.

If the actual returning date should pass the scheduled return date, then parking fare adjustment would have to be made at the booking office, before going on to the bus terminal to pick up your car.

Location of booking office: opposite the bus stop in front of Chisan Hotel (tel. 028-633-8782)

    Aerial View of West Gate JR Utsunomiya Station - Google Map

- Ken Matsuoka

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