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Courtesy of Okinawa Times
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Images of Okinawa Photo Gallery by Helen Betts at

Enlarged map: Chatan My Town in Okinawa

Cats Inn Chatan Welcoming You Boarding
キーワード: のロゴ

Why join the Military: 1) Pay for your college tuition
2) Explore the world 3) $40k enlisting bonus

YouTube - Landings On Okinawa, 1945/04/09 (1945)

Okinawa    Japan    WWII

    Map of Chatan and "American Village"

    US and World Headlines: Ken's Home Radio

    Review: XM Radio for Your Car, Home, or Both

    Calendar for Japan and Zip Codes for Okinawa

    International Dialing Codes

    Excel World Clock

Map of Okinawa as seen in the center of the world and a magnified map of the Pacific region      

Map of U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa, Japan      

YouTube - Landing@Naha Airport(Okinawa)(RWY36)


Map courtesy of Encarta Encyclopedia



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