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How do women, when they get pregnant,  figure out the date of delivery?  
It may be none of my business, but I have designed a calculator 
on the spreadsheet of the Excel. 

"A full-term pregnancy lasts approximately 10 lunar months, or 280 days, 
from the first
day of the last menstrual period (LMP)", says the website
Lunar months: Calculating your due date

Just type in the LMP date in the cell E2 or C21 of Lunar Month Due
 Date sheet of
Lunar Month Due Date Calculation.

- November 14, 2001 -

Well, when they are not pregnant or expecting, when will it be women's
next period in their monthly menstrual cycles?  It is reported in an article of 
Time magazine that more and
more women are tricking their bodies into
skipping their periods,
some to nine instead of the usual 13 periods a year.

How then do they figure out the date of the next period, if they are to take
control of
their monthly cycles.  I have designed a calculator hopefully to 
help them get a grip on their
monthly cycles.  

Just type in the date of the first day of the current menstrual period 
in cell E6.

Here is the article "Who Needs a Period?" - By Christine Gorman, 
Time, September 18, 2000


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