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Countdown to London Olympics, 2012 Click "Events II"
- September 12, 2006 -

The date and occasion recorded in the list will be marked on the calendar
with the date shown with the bold face and underbar. 

Now, holiday schedule of Great Britain (UK)  is listed,
which includes the dates of Easter.

Excel holiday calendar for Great Britain
- October 5, 2002 -

By entering the year, 2004, for example, in the cell G3,
 you can have the annual calendar of that year.
Or you may find it interesting to see the current month always shown on top.
Thus we see the time really flow.  How?  Just leave the cell blank. 


Excel Holiday Great Britain Calendar and Planner
- October 5, 2002 -

- Buy calendars 2007  October 23, 2003 -

International Holiday Schedule & Calendar  February 18, 2003 -

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