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   On our first trial on Excel in filling in incrementing dates   
    by dragging the cell, showing only weekday dates is a real challenge.  

   Microsoft introduces on its web site animations camcorder which shows
just how to drag the cells.  

It says, "point to the bottom right corner of the cell,
wait for the balck plus mark ("auto fill handle") to change to a white arrow,"
(let me add, you must right-click as you wait for the white arrow to show up
while pointing to the cell, and after the dragging movement is stopped,
we are prompted to select "weekday" in a shortcut menue.  
It allows us to select the monthly and yearly dates with the same day 
as well as weekdays ).

Here is the camcorder file that shows this procedure.
Place the downloaded file on the desk top and add the extension 
".exe" after the file name "Cam01a" unless it is shown.  
(Point to the file name, press F2 key and type in ".exe" at the end)

December 15, 2001 -

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