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Excel 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Timeline
with Countdown to South Africa 2010

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Timeline shows the important dates
such as the tournament (June 9 to July 9, 2006), release of tickets 
("around the turn of the year 2004/2005"), unveiling of the official brand 
design and logo, draw, fixture, or schedule, etc.  Here is the file.
- May 17, 2006 -

Google & Excel to show World Cup on Google Calendar
- May 17, 2006 -


Excel 2006 FIFA World Cup Preliminary Schedule Chart and Countdown

- February 9, 2005 -


I will add a new feature in my Excel 2006 FIFA World Cup Schedule
- a tournament rank calculator, designed to automatically select the top 2 teams
in each block of 8 groups, A to H, when a score is entered in the chart, which then
will be automatically shown to the games of round 16.  The design is made
on the tournament schedule of 2002 FIFA World Cup.  Here is the file.
- July 3, 2002 - 

Countdown to the kickoff of 2006 World Cup Germany added
- July 1, 2002 -

Excel Athens Olympics Soccer (Men) Schedule Chart and Countdown
- August 8, 2004 -

Excel Athens Olympics Soccer (Women) Schedule Chart and Countdown
- August 11, 2004 -

Excel Women's World Cup 2003 USA Schedule Chart and Countdown
- July 17, 2003 -

One of the biggest sports events of the world is the 2002 FIFA World Cup
(Soccer), which is scheduled for June in Korea and Japan with some 60 games.

FIFA introduces on its web site the tournament calendar of the games
with the date, time and venue.  With 32 countries, including USA, England,
Korea and Japan, grouped in 8 blocks and the venues in a dozens of sites
in two countries, it is a real challenge to keep an eye on the important
games of one's country team.  

Thus Excel 2002 FIFA World Cup (Soccer) Calendar would come in handy
to trace the 64 games in its schedule throughout its period of whole month of June 
in both countries as well as to fill in the scores, provided in an Excel spreadsheet.

Here is the file.
- December 19, 2001 -

If you find it impossible to make filtering 
on the spreadsheet work, 
then please try this file.
- April 27, 2002 -

Maps of Korea and Japan 

Schedule of soccer games in Athens Olympics, August 2004,
to be updated from time to time as changes are announced by IOC.
Here is the file.
- May 12, 2002 -

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